Indústries WALDES SCCL has extensive experience in the manufacture of metal components for the automotive, electronics and home appliances sectors, offering not only production, but also collaboration in the area of product development, innovations and modernization of production processes.

Thanks to our track record, we are a company with consolidated experience in manufacturing metal stamping parts in presses and bending machines.

Among the most representative pieces of our current production, we find components for mirrors, headlights and pilots, shock absorbers, locks, etc.

Our processes are: design of tools based on the client’s part, stamping of the parts, and treatment and coating of surfaces, as well as manufacturing of parts by machining.

From 1998, Indústries WALDES SCCL diversified its production into other business lines: industrial, automotive, cardboard and household appliances. For these, it obtained the ISO 9001-2015 and IATF 16949-2016 quality certification that guarantees all necessary conditions both in the work processes and in the manufactured products.

Technical capacity: design, mechanization of tools and construction of matrixes.
Our high technical capacity allows us to advise and collaborate with our clients in the design and development of parts and tools, always attending to their requirements. This process starts from the development of the project and continues through to the construction of the tool in the appropriate machine shop.


• Press section:
We have a range of powerful presses between 25 and 150 tons which allow us to adapt to different kinds of stamped pieces.
Thicknesses from 0,15 to 4 mm.

• Die-cutters and benders for metal bands and wire:
In this section we have more specialized machinery for smaller pieces and for other applications.
Die-cutters of up to 25 tons and benders of up to 5 tons.
Metal band width up to 40 mm
Wire diameter up to 4 mm

We work with iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and aluminium.

Coverings and finishes:
We have lines of electrolytic baths for our own products which allows us to obtain finishes adapted to our clients’ requirements, such as nickel, gunmetal, brass and copper.

Manufacture of metallic components
Fabricante piezas industria